[fusion_text]At Buffalo Grove Law Offices, we devote our practice to helping loving families grow through adoption. This covers a wide range of adoptions, including domestic adoptions, grandparent adoptions, stepparent adoptions and other in-family adoptions, as well as assistance with international adoptions.

Buffalo Grove Third Party Adoption Attorney

The documentation and paperwork required for a successful adoption can be overwhelming to many families. We assist in putting together and filing the appropriate petitions, forms and paperwork needed throughout the process. We have the experience and perspective to foresee any potential problems or roadblocks along the way and provide proactive solutions for those issues.

Grandparent And Stepparent Adoptions

In cases of grandparent and stepparent adoptions, we help to legally handle any difficult family dynamics that may be present, including seeking the permission of living biological parents that must consent. We understand the difficulty of this process, and we are devoted to helping you do what is best for the children involved.

Our representation throughout the adoption process is highly individualized to the family and the client. We understand that each situation is different in the people and dynamics that frame it. We are committed to connecting these families to the solutions that best meet their specific goals and complete the process as seamlessly as possible.

Illinois does not recognize common-law standing (right) of a nonparent to petition for custody of a minor: A former boyfriend did not have the right to bring a claim for custody of a minor adopted from another country by his former girlfriend. The man and woman had never been married, and they took no steps for the adoption to be recognized in Illinois. The man did not adopt the child, who remained in the custody of the adoptive mother.

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