The minor was placed in a foster home.  He has resided there throughout the pendency of the abuse and neglect case.

The Court focused on the mother’s parental fitness.  It set a goal of the minor returning home to mother within 12 months.  DCFS appealed. DCFS argued that guardianship of the child should be the goal.

Certain Juvenile Court Act factors must exist to consider return to mother.  The court must give full consideration to the best interest of the child factors in the Act.

Mother had shown slow progress toward reunification.   She had failed to achieve return home with any of her other children.   This raised serious concerns about her ability to parent the minor. Mother has consistently failed to complete random drug screenings.   Attempts at returning home are not in the  minor’s best interest.

Adoption and termination of mother’s parental rights are not appropriate as mother and minor continue to have a relationship with one another. Private guardianship with foster parents is an appropriate permanency goal.   A guardian is required to ensure that parents have the opportunity to visit the minor. This would serve minor’s best interests.

In re C.L., 2018 IL App (1st) 180577 (November 21, 2018).