The divorce was done. Afterwards, the parties filed contempt petitions against each other.

The Trial Court had a hearing on both petitions.   Both parties were in contempt.

Wife was ordered to pay some of husband’s attorney fees. Husband had an attorney represent him.

Wife was pro se.   She did not have an attorney.   So there was no issue of attorney fees for her attorney.  She asked for her husband to pay her lost wages.   She had spent time preparing and arguing her petition.

The Court ordered the husband to pay wife’s lost wages.  Husband appealed.

The Appellate Court reversed on the issue of paying wife’s lost wages.

The law does not authorize an award of lost wages or similar compensation to a pro se litigant for the time she has spent in litigation under the Act.

In re Marriage of Pickering, 2016 IL App (2d) 150898.