Wife filed a post judgment petition to modify support. Husband was ordered to pay back child support in the amount of $337,478.   And, the wife’s attorneys’ fees in the amount of $49,025.

The trial court also modified the monthly support amount from $4,250 per month to $19,284 per month.

Husband filed an appeal against the orders from the court. While his appeal was pending, the husband refused to comply with the trial court’s order.  The trial court issued several rules to show cause.  The trial court found him to be in contempt.

Husband was concealing himself outside Illinois.  The trial court was not able to enforce its contempt order.

The appellate court said the husband was not entitled to appellate review.

Husband was defying the trial court’s order.  But, at the same time he is seeking review of it.  He is not acting in good faith. Husband was clearly showing his contempt for the court. They dismissed the appeal.

Husband appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said the same thing. Dad is SOL.

In re Marriage of Hill, 2015 IL App (2d) 140345.

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