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Offering Solutions That Meet Your Family's Needs

At Buffalo Grove Law Offices, we provide customized and knowledgeable family law representation to families, spouses, and individuals facing divorce and other legal family issues. These can be emotionally and financially draining matters if not handled correctly. We provide solutions tailored to the family's needs in the least costly and conflicted manner possible.

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We take the time to carefully listen as you describe your priorities, goals, and needs for your divorce or family law matter. We tailor our approach to your specific needs, working closely with you to meet your objectives and find your ideal solution. Throughout the process, we will safeguard your interests and the future of your family.

Our firm provides cost-effective legal services across the family law spectrum:

  • Divorce. We provide aggressive yet compassionate representation to clients going through the divorce process. We will help you understand your options, protect your rights and guide you toward achieving your goals.

  • Paternity and Fathers' Rights. Establishing the parentage of a child is necessary for mothers interested in securing child support payments and for fathers who wish to obtain visitation and custody rights in order to build a relationship with their son or daughter. We assist mothers and fathers in seeking and defending paternity actions.

  • Post-Decree Issues. We assist both plaintiffs and defendants in post-divorce matters, including interpretation of decree provisions, modification of court-ordered obligations, enforcement of existing court orders, and reformation of finalized agreements.

  • Mediation and Arbitration. We regularly assist clients in avoiding the time-consuming and expensive process of litigation by negotiating advantageous out-of-court settlements through mediation and arbitration.

  • Child Custody. This is often the most hotly contested issue in any divorce involving children. We help mothers and fathers to understand their rights, minimize the conflict and work toward a solution that is in the best interests of both the parents and the children.

  • Child Support. Our law firm can identify and properly calculate both parents' incomes and advocate for a fair child support arrangement. We also assist in the enforcement and modification of existing child support orders. Whether you feel you pay too much or receive too little, we will advocate for your interests.

  • Spousal Maintenance. Whether you want to request spousal maintenance or avoid paying it, we will help you fight for the settlement that is in your best interests.

  • Property Division. We will work to ensure a fair division of marital property, including the awarding of assets and the allocation of debt.

  • Adoption. Adopting a child is one of the happiest events any parent can experience. We assist clients with stepparent adoption, independent adoption, and foster child adoption.

  • Orders of Protection. We counsel our clients on decisions to be made when seeking or defending against orders of protection. We also stand up for our clients in court.

  • Military Divorce Law.

  • More specific family law matters, such as parenting plans, debt and divorce, stepparent rights, grandparent rights, and pets.

In addition to our family law practice, we offer legal services related to criminal law, animal law, real estate law, wills, probate, guardianship and a full spectrum of general civil law matters.

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