The parties are French citizens.  Husband had filed a divorce case in France. But, he dismissed that. He then filed for divorce in Chicago.

Wife filed her Appearance in the Chicago case. She also filed motions to dismiss the Chicago case.  One of her reasons was that France was the better place for a divorce court to make a decision. It is called ‘forum non conveniens’. She argued that Chicago was an inconvenient place for the case to proceed.

The trial court dismissed Husband’s divorce case.  It agreed that Chicago was an inconvenient forum.

The Court found private and public reasons for the transfer of the case to France.  The Husband had twice before been divorced in France.  The Wife spoke only French.  She lived only in France.  Her witnesses lived in France.

Husband owned properties around the world.  That included a primary residence in Illinois.  But, he travels frequently to France.  He has no family in the U.S…  Most of the property in dispute is in France.

In re Marriage of Ricard, 2012 IL App (1st) 111757.

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