Illinois entered child support orders.  Mother would contribute certain percentages to her child’s health insurance, uninsured medical expenses, and travel expenses.  These expenses were for the child to see the father during visitation.  Father was paying child support to Mother.

The mother and the child moved to Tennessee.  Father relocated to Ohio. After the Father moved, he filed (in Illinois) a motion to reduce support.   He had a loss of employment.  He also filed a petition for rule to show cause against Mother.  She had failed to contribute to the medical and travel expenses.

The trial court dismissed both filings.  Neither party remained in Illinoi.  The case should go ahead in Tennessee.  That is where the child was living.

The appellate court reversed the order dismissing the petition for a rule to show cause.  The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), 750 ILCS 22/101 controls.   Illinois keeps the power (jurisdiction) to enforce its own orders.

However, Illinois does not have jurisdiction to modify a support order when neither the parties nor the child remain in the state.

Collins v. Department of Health & Family Services ex rel. Paczek, 2014 IL App (2d) 130536.

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