Attorney had represented husband in A dissolution of marriage case. The attorney was granted leave to withdraw. He was no longer the husband’s attorney.
Attorney filed a petition for payment of final fees and costs from husband. The petition requested payment from husband of $48,000 in unpaid attorney fees. A hearing took place. The court awarded the attorney $12,500.
The attorney appealed. The Appellate Court agreed with the $12,500 award.
Husband later filed against that attorney a petition for attorney fees. The petition alleged that Husband incurred $11,640 in attorney fees defending against the attorney’s appeal.
The court dismissed the petition. The court said that the attorney was not a party to the underlying dissolution action. Therefore, the husband had no statutory right to seek fees from him under Section 508(a) of the Act.
In re Marriage of Kane, 2018 IL App (2d) 180195.